Price List

Cost Of Services In Donegal

For young women between the ages of 17 and 25, there is the ILASH Young Women’s Health Clinic at the Donegal Women’s Centre every Monday from 5pm-8pm (excluding bank holidays )  and all services are FREE INCLUDING CONSULTATION, CONTRACEPTION SUPPLIES, AND CHLAMYDIA TESTING


Services and supplies are available free to women with a medical card, however, they have to pay for non-prescription items such as condoms. Women without a medical card, have to pay for their consultation and supplies.

  • GP charges vary from  €40-50
  • Donegal Women’s Centre family planning clinic charge €30 for a consultation without a medical card
  • Oral contraceptive may cost €6-€12 per month (i.e. the pill)
  • The price of 2 condoms is around €4 and a pack of 12 of the most leading brand is around €12

These prices are only a guide and can vary

Cost For All Of The Listed Clinics In Northern Ireland

All prices are quoted in Sterling.

  • Emergency Contraception – £20 consultation, £5.50 for emergency contraception (total of £25.50)
  • Pregnancy test – consultation £20, £2 for a test (total of £22)
  • Condoms – a packet of twelve £1, a packet of Featherlite condoms £2
  • Depo-Provera injection – £20 consultation, £5 for injection (total of £25)
  • Evra patches – £40
  • Implanon – £20 consultation, £20 installation, £90 for Implanon (total cost of £130)
  • Contraceptive pill – prices range from £2 to £15
  • Chlamydia testing – swab test £15.50 or urine test £15.50
If you need any more information on prices, please ring 048 71355020