Unplanned Pregnancy

If your pregnancy test shows a positive result, you may feel many different emotions: shocked, scared, confused and lonely. This can be very isolating and can leave you feeling very alone and vulnerable. Many women find it hard to discuss an unplanned pregnancy with family, friends or their partner until they know how they feel themselves about the pregnancy.

Professionals are there to provide information and support on all the options available to you.

Donegal Women’s Centre has a crisis pregnancy counsellor funded by the Irish Family Planning Association. By coming to the centre for pregnancy counselling, you will have the chance to discuss all your options in a non-directive counselling session with the counsellor. The crisis pregnancy counsellor will not judge you.

Non-directive counselling means that the counsellor will not offer any opinion or advice as to what may be best for you, she is there to listen and provide a safe and completely confidential space for you to explore your own feelings and worries around your pregnancy, and the options you feel are open to you.

A Few Words From The Crisis Pregnancy Counsellor

My name is Kate and I am a qualified counsellor working as a Crisis Pregnancy Counsellor in Donegal, employed by the Irish Family Planning Association with funding from the Crisis Pregnancy Agency.

The Irish Family Planning Association provides free and confidential counselling services to clients of all ages. The crisis pregnancy counselling service is open to girls and women in a crisis pregnancy situation. We also provide information on post abortion and post adoption counselling.

What happens when you come to see me?

When a girl/woman comes to visit me, we discuss all options. The Irish Family Planning Association works from a pro-choice ethos, which means I give information on all options around pregnancy, parenting, adoption and abortion. This is all confidential.

If the client wishes they may bring a partner or a friend with them.

How to access this service

Freephone 1850 49 50 51

Kate is available during the following hours

  • Monday 10am to 1pm
  • Wednesday 10am to 1pm and 2pm to 5pm
  • Thursday 10am to 1pm

For more information on other organisations that offer support and counselling go to myoptions.ie

Different people may offer you different advice on certain points. If you are unsure about anything contact your doctor, family planning clinic or call Donegal Women’s Centre.