The all new Sexual Health & Empowerment Information Site for Irish Women

  • Our Vision Our Vision Donegal Women's Centre wants a society that values all women, young girls and their developing sexuality. We want all women and young girls to be supported to develop the self-confidence, skills and understanding they need to enjoy and take responsibility for their sexual lives, sexual health and well being
  • Our Mission Our Mission To ensure that all young women have access to high quality, free and confidential sexual health services, as well as education and support. To enable them to make informed, active choices about their personal and sexual relationships so they can enjoy their sexuality without harm.
  • Additional Info Additional Info We're here to give you practical information on all current services available to young women in relation to health. We have information on: - All types of contraception including emergency contraception - Pregnancy advice and support - Sexually transmitted infections - Current services available in relation to sexual health in the North West and Northern Ireland including cost. The information in this website is here to help you make positive choices in relation to your sexual health.





We are only providing basic information about contraception and sexual health. The information is based on the evidence and medical opinion available at the time this website was produced.

Different people may give you conflicting advice on certain points. If you are unsure of worried about anything contact your doctor, family planning clinic or call Donegal Women’s Centre on (074) 912 4985.