There are more than twelve different contraception methods available. Making the right contraceptive choice is an important key to good sexual health and in your health in general. Different methods suit different people at different times in their lives. A visit to a family planning clinic or GP will help you chose the right type of contraceptive that is best for you.

All methods are very effective when used correctly and consistently. Many unplanned pregnancies happend because a contraceptive has not been used carefully or consistently.

This website will give you information on methods of contraception available – to choose the right one for you, think about your health, about your lifestyle and what you want from your method of contraception. If you have questions or require more information on any method you are interested in, you can visit your family planning clinic or your GP for professional and confidential advice.

If your GP does not provide all the methods they should be able to tell you the nearest family planning clinic that does. If you feel uncomfortable talking to your own GP about contraception you can go to a clinic or another GP for contraception only.

You can buy male and female condoms without going to a doctor or clinic.

Points to keep in mind before choosing a contraceptive:

  • It is your right to protect yourself from pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections.
  • It is your right to determine when, with whom, how and where you want to have sex.
  • It is your right to abstain from sexual activity.