Price List

Cost Of Services In Donegal

For young women under the age of 26 ILASH Young Women’s Health Clinic at the Donegal Women’s Centre every Monday (except bank holidays ) all services are FREE INCLUDING CONSULTATION,CONTRACEPTION SUPPLIES,AND CHLAMYDIA TESTING



Services and supplies are available free to women with a medical card, however they have to pay for non-prescription items such as condoms. Women without a medical card, have to pay for their consultation and supplies.

  • GP charges vary from  €40-50
  • Donegal Women’s Centre family planning clinic charge €30 for a consultation without a medical card (
  • Oral contraceptive may cost €6-€12 per month (i.e. the pill)
  • The price of 2 condoms is around €4 and a pack of 12 of the most leading brand is around €12

These prices are only a guide and can vary

Cost For All Of The Listed Clinics In Northern Ireland

All prices are quoted in Sterling.

  • Emergency Contraception – £20 consultation, £5.50 for emergency contraception (total of £25.50)
  • Pregnancy test – consultation £20, £2 for test (total of £22)
  • Condoms – packet of twelve £1, packet of featherlite condoms £2
  • Depo-provera injection – £20 consultation, £5 for injection (total of £25)
  • Evra patches – £40
  • Implanon – £20 consultation, £20 installation, £90 for Implanon (total cost of £130)
  • Contraceptive pill – prices range from £2 to £15
  • Chlamydia testing – swab test £15.50 or urine test £15.50
  • Smear testing – £40

These prices can vary so just ring and check

If you need any more information on prices, please ring 048 71355020