The Diaphragm/Cap with Spermicide

The diaphragm is a rubber or silicone cap that fits inside the vagina and covers the opening to the womb. It should be used with a spermicide that kills sperm. Spermicides can be creams, foams or jellies. Needs to be fitted initially by a specially trained doctor or nurse, they will make sure the diaphragm/cap is the right size and that it fits properly. They will also be able to show you how to use it properly.


  • The diaphragm is 92-96% effective if you use it correctly
  • The diaphragm doesn’t effect how regular you periods are
  • Useful for women who want to avoid hormones
  • It may protect against cancer of the cervix
  • You only use it during sex and can put it in whenever you want before sex



  • It doesn’t protect against sexually transmitted infections
  • You have to keep the diaphragm in for 8 hours in for 8 hours after sex and use more spermicide if you have sex again during that time
  • Putting it in can interrupt sex
  • Fitting should be checked every twelve months and if you gain or loose more than 3kg, have a baby, miscarriage or abortion it should be checked with your doctor
  • Do not leave in for more than 30 hours
  • Some people get cystitis (an inflammation of the bladder) after using the diaphragm/cap
  • It can be difficult to fit in the vagina properly
  • Spermicide can cause irritation or allergy for some people

The Diaphragm/Cap does NOT protect against sexually transmitted infections.