Signs of Pregnancy

Could you be pregnant?

If you have had sex without using contraception, you could be at risk of pregnancy. There is even a risk if sperm comes in to contact with a woman’s vagina in any way including from sperm on fingers.

As soon as a man’s penis becomes erect, it leaks a few drops of clear liquid called pre-ejaculate and this liquid can contain thousands of sperm. So there’s a risk of pregnancy if the penis enters the vagina without contraception being used, even if the man doesn’t ejaculate (cum), or withdraws before ejaculating.

The ‘withdrawal method’, where a man takes his penis out before he ejaculates, is not a reliable form of contraception as there may be pre-ejaculate on his penis.The only way to avoid pregnancy is to use a reliable method of contraception every time you have sexual contact

Signs of a pregnancy usually appear 2-3 weeks after conception. Signs can vary from woman to woman but may include:

  • Missing a period
  • Swelling and tenderness of breasts
  • Going to the toilet a lot (frequent peeing)
  • Vomiting (known as morning sickness)
  • Feeling more tired than normal
  • Mood changes
  • Appetite changes
  • A shorter lighter period than normal