My Story Of My Drink Being Spiked

It was my second year in university and I had finished my Christmas exams. My flatmates and I were looking forward to a good night of celebration. We started the night of celebration together but eventually went our separate ways. I left the pub eventually to go to a club along with a few girls from my class. I lost them soon after we went into the club. I decided to get another drink while I waited for my flatmates to arrive – I knew they were coming to the same club. I left my drink on a table beside the dance floor. Less than 5 minutes later I went over to the table and lifted my drink. I finished what was left and made my way to the toilets, I was fixing my hair in the mirror and that’s the last I remember! Next thing I remember is waking up in a hospital bed the following morning. I had no idea how I got there or what happened. Then I realised my friend was sitting at my bedside. I asked what happened and she just cried. It turned out my drink had been spiked and I knew for definite the last place I was, was the ladies toilets and apparently they found me in the alleyway at the side of the nightclub. Nobody had any idea what went on and it was the bouncers that found me. The nurse in the hospital approached me and told me that my blood test showed traces of sedatives and told me that I should take the morning after pill just to be safe. I was never so scared in all my life. I felt violated and confused and very suspicious of everybody I seen after that for a long time. I have learned a valuable lesson though. Never leave your drink unattended even at a table where you know people. You never know who may walk past. It only takes 2 seconds to spike somebody’s drink. I never leave my drink down at all anymore and never go anywhere without my friends. If I had stayed with my flatmates that night, what happened to me would never have happened and it will haunt me forever

Marie, aged 19